Nursing homes get low marks for care: Gallup

Recent Gallup Poll found Multiple Americans rate the quality of care in U.S. nursing homes as “poor.”

Data from Gallup panel investigationfound that 36 percent of Americans give the nation’s nursing home quality of care a “D” or “poor.” Her 33% of respondents gave the nursing home a “C” or “satisfactory” rating, while only 1% gave it an “A” or “excellent” rating.

Other findings in the survey include that a majority of Americans are uncomfortable living in a nursing home (70 percent) or having a relative move into a nursing home (61 percent) .

“A new poll reveals that nursing homes have much work to do to further increase public trust in their facilities,” according to a Gallup data analysis.

“While it is natural for people moving into a nursing home to be concerned about the lifestyle changes that come with moving into such a care facility, there is no need to worry about safety or the quality of care they will receive.”

The Biden administration announced new staffing plans for nursing homes at the beginning of the month. These proposals include having a registered nurse on-site at all times and nursing assistants providing 2.5 hours of care per resident each day to combat negative health outcomes and workplace burnout in nursing homes. The purpose is to

This data comes from a Gallup panel of approximately 100,000 adult American respondents from July 5th to 24th.

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