NY Democrat Councilman Blasts Eric Adams Communications Policy

New York Democratic City Council members criticized New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ (Democratic) new communications policy as “profiteering.”

City Councilman Lincoln Ressler (Democratic Party) represents The 33rd District, which includes Greenpoint, Northside Williamsburg, South Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, and more, has signed two federal He accused the agency of telling him to “fill out a Google Doc.” said Ressler. new york daily news.

“I reached out to the leaders of the Park Service and the Health Department and they asked me to fill out a Google Doc,” Ressler told the outlet. “I contacted City Hall and was told to fill out a Google Doc. This is an embarrassing bureaucratic outrage.”

Adams and his administration have recently rolled out new policies. web page Elected officials and city council members are required to fill out the form to contact department heads at agencies such as the New York City Council, the City University of New York, the Commission on Gender Equality, and several top officials in the Adams administration.

This form consists of questions such as “Which city agency is requesting involvement?” “What office of the elected official do you represent?” and “What type of request is this?” Masu.

“We know collaboration is essential, but we don’t want to be tied down to pages and pages of unnecessary bureaucracy,” said Councilmember Shahana Hanif. politiko In an interview.

In response to Adams’ new policy, City Council President Adrian Adams has reportedly instructed council members to ignore the mayor’s new directives. Spectrum News NY1.

Adams noted that the web form is the same system he used when he was mayor of Brooklyn, adding that it is “not new.”

“This is not new. We’ve been using the same system for 10 years,” Adams explained. “Someone will stop me on the street and say, ‘Mayor, I’d like to meet you.’ I’ll put up a link, and they’ll fill in that link. I’ll watch the whole morning and see who that person is. Decide if it will solve the problem.”