NY Democrat who blasted NYC migrant buses mocks the ‘ignorance’ of locals during ongoing crisis: ‘They are fearful’

A hypocritical Democrat from upstate New York quietly appealed to voters’ opposition to busing immigrants into town — months after publicly blaming Mayor Adams for a “policy failure” to send them out. .

State Sen. John Mannion, who began his candidacy for New York’s battleground 22nd District in July, was caught on a Sept. 14 Zoom call discussing “immigration issues” with other Democratic candidates. . Fox News reported.

“I represent a very Republican area,” Mannion said in the leaked call.

“They fear that busloads of immigrants will come to where they live and change their communities,” he continued.

“It’s unbelievable to me, but I’m not surprised at the ignorance.”

In May, Mannion accused Adams: Shuttle buses carrying asylum seekers to a hotel in Salina, New York, a town in his state Senate district that stretches from Syracuse to Oswego.

“New York City’s unilateral decision to send immigrants four hours away from their desired destination is a policy failure that is unfolding in real time,” Mannion told NewsChannel 9.

“This situation is unfair to immigrants and the communities I represent.”

Mannion, who is working to unseat Republican Rep. Brandon Williams in New York’s 22nd Congressional District, has publicly criticized Mayor Adams for busing immigrants to the upstate. There is.
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Immigrants boarding the bus
The city bused thousands of immigrants to far-flung hotels across New York state.
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Brandon Williams
Mannion is running for the seat held by Republican Rep. Brandon Williams, who mocked his opponent for a gaffe.
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Rep. Brandon Williams, a freshman Republican who won the NY-22 Congressional seat by just 4,000 votes in 2022, told the Post that Mannion and his fellow Democrats are to blame for the Biden administration’s spiraling border crisis. He mocked his opponent’s gaffes.

“John Mannion says you are ignorant for sharing common sense concerns about the immigration crisis threatening NY-22,” Williams said.

“Insulting voters who care about public safety is not the best way to start a campaign, John.”

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