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NYC teacher tells kids that Nintendo characters have sexual-gender identities

A teacher employed by the New York City Department of Education presented middle school students that Nintendo characters have various sexual and gender identities.

Remy Elliott, who goes by the name Jeremy William Elliott, posted a public video on her TikTok account explaining her approach to education. She currently teaches 9th grade English at DOE, but she used to teach lower grades. Elliott removed the video in question after Fox News Digital reached out for comment, make her account private.

During an after-school program for the DOE School’s Gay Straight Alliance Club, Elliot examined a series of Nintendo characters and considered fictional video game characters to have varying sexualities and gender identities.

“So the GSA at the school I teach at decided to host a PowerPoint night and I decided to combine two of my favorite interests into one. We assign gender and sexuality to Nintendo characters,” she said.

“Yoshi is transgender. He’s just living his best life with Birdo and his top surgery has been amazing. No scars at all. We love it for him.” “Of course, Bard is an ace trans girl.”

“No surprises with Peach. She’s a massive cis lesbian… whenever she’s around Daisy, she completely forgets how to talk.”

“There’s Daisy [who is] Hellabisexual, polyamory…and she asks your girlfriend out in front of you.

Remy Elliott currently teaches 9th grade English at the NYC DOE.

“Mario came out so long ago that most people have forgotten. He probably marched on Stonewall and said some low-key transphobic things, but he has good intentions.” .”

“Next up is Luigi. Luigi is a totally demisexual guy, but he’s too confused to call himself queer. He’s got a big bi-wife energy. Trans? Trans. Probably bisexual, but… It doesn’t matter if you don’t think about it, so I try not to think about it too much,” said the teacher.

“Toad is clearly a pre-transgender girl. She already has a whole new wardrobe with thigh highs and skirts for when she comes out.”

Toad slide.
Toad “has a whole new wardrobe with thigh-highs and skirts for when he comes out,” Elliott explains.

Elliott told Fox News Digital: Being a cisgender heterosexual is actually a matter of gender and sexual orientation, so it’s also strange to point out that they have a gender and a sexuality.

She continued, “As part of my DOE employment, I was employed primarily as an English teacher, but teaching an established and vetted sex education curriculum was not only what I was hired to do, but It was also trained and qualified.”

In other videos, Elliot spoke with the school’s Vice Principal about how she teaches students to be polyamory. Characterized by or involving engaging in sexual relations.

“I am proud to be a teacher who is very open about my life. And one thing I am very open about is my sexuality.[sexual] Flags, non-binary flags are all on my desk at work. But there’s one thing I’m not open about.[amorous]said the teacher.

“I know kids are more accepting of things like homosexuality and bisexuality, but polyamory isn’t in the conversation, so I don’t know how to handle that conversation.” I don’t like lying to my students, I don’t like to tell them I don’t like lying.”

After speaking with the administrator, Elliott said it would be appropriate to talk about his relationship with students outside of class.

“So, after talking with the assistant teacher and assistant principal, I tentatively decided that answering the question honestly is probably the right way to go. I am reluctant to talk about what I have.I would say I am bisexual.I have dated people of different genders.”

Remy Elliott
Remy Elliott says the slide was created as a joke for humor.

“If you’re interested in talking about that or my own particular relationship, you’re really, really insistent. Don’t do it in the classroom. Do it at lunch, after school at the GSA club, or whatever.” ‘ said the teacher.

She went on to argue that conservatives are “children” in their thought processes against talking to children.

“And the problem is, this is not what conservatives are talking about. They have decided … like, you can’t do this at all, there’s no place for it. and a lack of care.They don’t understand people.They are children as people and where they are.”

Speaking to Fox News about these statements, Elliott said: within limits. “

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