NYC video ‘portal’ to Ireland paused after ‘global interconnectedness’ turns sour

A globalist art initiative that attempts to bridge people and cultures with a 24/7 real-time public video installation faces an obstacle that stumbles utopia: human nature.

Lithuanian artist Benedictus Gillis’ latest portal installation connects passersby in Manhattan’s Flatiron District with O’Connell Street in Dublin, nearly 3,000 miles away. It went online last week and was scheduled to run until fall 2024.

“The Portal is an invitation to meet fellow humans across borders and prejudices and to experience our home, Earth, as it truly is, in unity.”

However, the Portals project was paused just over a week into its planned months-long run due to disturbing behavior on both sides of the screen.


Gylys, founder of Portals, argues:
Website The inspiration for this project was a “mystical experience” in 2016.

“Finally surrendering and truly acknowledging that I knew nothing about reality led me to a mystical experience that lasted two weeks and made me feel one with all life on Earth,” he wrote. There is. “After this experience, I began to see our world with different eyes and could no longer tolerate the default worldview that kept forcing us to see our planet through a lens full of stories and filters. I felt a strong need to counter polarizing ideas and communicate that there is only one way we can continue our journey on this beautiful spaceship called Earth. ”

Gillis collaborated with a team from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University to realize his apparent dream of real-time video conferencing.
Existing in New York City since at least 1927. Together they built his two brilliant Skype screens, the first in Lithuania, which went live in May 2021, connecting Vilnius with the Polish city of Lublin.

According to the website, “The portal is an invitation to meet fellow humans across borders and prejudices and to experience our home, Earth, as it truly is. Unite as one.”


Jairis successfully persuaded New York City and Dublin to join his globalist art project.

“Embrace the beauty of global interconnectedness.”

The NYC Portal was brought to you by the Flatiron Nomad Partnership in collaboration with the Simons Foundation and the New York City Department of Transportation Arts Program and was located on Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and 23rd Street next to the Flatiron Building.

Dublin City Council has unveiled a circular videoconferencing screen near the city’s Spire structure as part of Dublin’s designation as the European Capital of Smart Tourism in 2024.

When we went live on May 8, James Messam, president of the Flatiron Nomad Partnership, said:
press release“This real-time connection between two iconic public spaces in a global city across the Atlantic connects people both physically and digitally, creating a compelling attraction for New Yorkers and visitors alike. It will be.”

“We are honored to celebrate the opening of this fascinating installation and to see two vibrant global cities connected in real time,” said New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez. .

“Livestreams provide a window between distant places, allowing people to meet outside of their social circles and cultures, transcend geographic boundaries, and embrace the beauty of global interconnectedness,” Jairis said. ” he suggested.

Daithi de Roiste, Lord Mayor of Dublin, said: “The Portal project embodies this, bringing together technology, engineering and art to bring communities closer together around the world and encourage people to connect with people outside of their social circles and cultures. “It allows us to meet and connect.”


While most people stare at pedestrians staring thousands of miles away, less lecherous figures seize the opportunity to hold up their phones and play porn or share offensive memes. or
rude gesture.

new york post
report Some troublemakers in Dublin have recently flashed swastikas and pictures of the Twin Towers engulfed in flames on September 11, 2001.

It wasn’t just hateful images that were flashed.

On Sunday, an OnlyFans pornographer exposed her breasts to a Dubliner, prompting portal organizers on both sides of the Atlantic to take action and temporarily shut down the exhibit.

The pornographer claimed on Instagram that the sudden end of “global interconnectivity” was his fault, while the portal organization reportedly blamed the interruption on “technical glitches.”

The portal organization said in a statement:
obtained The Irish Independent said: “Our technical team is investigating the cause to improve the stability of our live streams in the future.”

“Due to the nature of the project to provide a 24/7 live stream, interruptions may occur due to technical glitches, maintenance, or simple software updates,” the statement continued. “Our teams ( and AVSPL) are working hard to ensure smooth and consistent operations to get as close to a 24/7 active live stream as possible.”

Dublin City Council on Monday suggested a number of changes would be made to the exhibit, citing multiple “inappropriate actions” by the Irish side.

“Unfortunately, we have witnessed a very small number of people behaving inappropriately, and this has been amplified through social media,” the council said. “While we cannot control all of these actions, we have implemented several technical solutions to address this, which will be operationalized within the next 24 hours.”

The screen was reportedly streaming again during the day on Tuesday, but disappeared by night. report Associated Press.

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