NYPD raids open-air market run by illegal migrants selling stolen goods — but makes no arrests

New York City police officers searched the house. open-air market It is run by illegal immigrants on Roosevelt Avenue near 91st Street in Jackson Heights. new york post report.

The day before the attack, the Post published an exposé about an illegal street market where migrants sold stolen goods at discounted prices. Most of the items were snatched from the shelves of nearby stores that had complained of an increase in shoplifting. Merchants and residents have called 311 more than 20 times this year to report illegal activity in the area.

For several months now, migrants have been lining up blankets and towels on the street every morning to sell their stolen goods. We have a wide selection of products ranging from power tools to sanitary products. Some items still have the tags of the merchant whose ill-gotten goods were stolen.

The area is also home to illegal brothels, where sex workers roam the streets looking for customers.

New York City police officers raided the street market just after 4:30 p.m. Monday and seized some of the stolen merchandise, the newspaper said.

“We responded today,” NYPD Sergeant John Chell said.

“We’ve been here before, whether it’s brothels, illegal bikes or now vending, so this will be an ongoing process. It’s going to take some time, but… We owe it to the people of Queens,” he explained.

The news agency said the wardens informed a number of illegal traders about the impending raid, giving them enough time to flee the scene before police arrived. According to reports, prostitutes were seen sneaking into nearby buildings to avoid police.

An NYPD spokesperson told the Post that no arrests were made as a result of Monday’s raid.

One neighbor said the illegal market would reopen after police left the area.

“They will come back, no doubt about it,” the resident told the news agency. “TV cameras and police chased them away today, but they will all be back tonight.”

Milton Reyes, who owns a pharmacy on the block, told the Post earlier this week that the situation was “unforgiving.”

”[Police] will come and they will pick up some of them. However, as soon as the police car leaves, it begins to retreat. 20 minutes later, it was set up again as if nothing had happened,” Reyes said.

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