NYT Columnist Says ‘Oppressive Impulses’ Motivate Bans On Child Sex Changes

New York Times columnist Charles Blow argued on MSNBC Wednesday that the state legislature’s efforts to ban child sex reassignment procedures are motivated by “repressive impulses.”

“First of all, even all the leaders I spoke with for this piece understood that all these repressive impulses were connected,” Blow said on MSNBC. ‘s host Chris Jansing. “Everyone is under attack, black people are under attack, women are under attack, immigrants are under attack, LBGTQ people are under attack,” Blow said Wednesday. defended the Human Rights Campaign’s decision to declare a “state of emergency” over a law that rights groups say is anti-LGBTQ. digit in the New York Times. (Related: Democrats accuse anti-child gender reassignment witnesses of wanting to ‘beat children’)


“There’s been a wave of waves in this space that could take decades to actually pass legislation, and that’s alarming because you’re saying, ‘You’re not welcome.’ For it creates a whole part of the country that sets foot on the ground. We are hostile to you here” and that is a threat,” Blow claimed.

At least 16 states ban or restrict gender reassignment surgery in children, US News reportMeanwhile, the Louisiana Senate passed the ban on Tuesday. The ACLU has filed lawsuits in multiple states to block the legislation.

In Florida and Wisconsin, parents sued school districts over efforts to transition children without their knowledge. A 12-year-old girl in Florida attempted to commit suicide while authorities were making the transition without her parents’ knowledge, Fox News reported. report.

Mr. Blow has previously attacked conservatives, saying he has no interest in contacting supporters of former President Donald Trump. “I can’t stand the liberal talk of reaching out to Trump supporters,” Blow said in a Feb. 23, 2017 paper. digit in the New York Times. “I don’t need others to try to persuade me. The effort is futile. My beliefs are absolute,” he said. “This is a culture war where truth is the weapon, justice is the banner, and passion is the fuel.”

“At this point, there is no question that this is a national threat and a state of emergency for LBGTQ people,” Blow told Jansing.

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