Oakland Man’s Antique Corvette Stolen After Car Show

An elderly California man who was the victim of a brazen robbery that took away his antique car in broad daylight has denounced the crime as having “no impact on this city”.

Dave Rechterer, an 80-year-old Oakland car enthusiast, suspected thieves had chased his bright red 1959 Chevrolet Corvette home from a car show in Pleasanton, about 30 miles away, and broken into his garage. I doubt it.

“They knew how to drive because their cars were sticks, and they hit the road right away,” he says. Said KTVU After the April 15th incident.

Surveillance camera footage shows two suspects breaking into Rechtler’s garage around 7 a.m. and making off with $200,000 worth of antiques.

Rechtler said the theft was like “a stab in the heart.”

After purchasing the car in 2006, he rebuilt the engine, reupholstered the interior, and painted the body to restore it to “factory perfect” condition.

“It hurts because this is my life,” he told the media. “My whole life has been hot rod cars since I was 14 years old.”

Lechtler went on to say that he expected the thieves to face no justice and never see his Corvette again.

“There is no impact on this city. People can steal and rob,” he said.

He is now asking for tips from the public, saying, “I want my car back.”

data According to a statement from the Oakland Police Department, a vehicle theft has occurred. rising Since 2020, the number of reported incidents has increased from 8,700 to a whopping 14,700 in 2023.