Obama cheers Minnesota reforms: ‘A giant leap forward’

Former President Obama on Friday called some of Minnesota’s new laws “a big step forward” and “a reminder that elections have consequences” after the Democratic-led Congress closed a crowded legislature earlier this week. It was advertised as something that

“Earlier this year, Democrats won by just 321 votes, beating the state Senate by one seat.” Obama tweeted. “This allowed the Democrats to control both houses of the state legislature and the governor’s mansion.”

“Since then, Minnesota has made strides on many issues, from protecting abortion rights and new gun safety measures to expanding access to the vote and reducing child poverty,” he said. continued. “These laws will make a big difference to Minnesotans’ lives.”

“This is a reminder that even though the pace of change is often slow, a few people can still help us make big leaps. Only if you do,” Obama added.

The state has passed several Democratic priorities in this legislative session, including legalizing recreational marijuana, codifying reproductive freedom as a fundamental right, and implementing universal background checks on firearm purchases and other gun safety measures. passed the matter.

Governor Tim Walz, a Democrat, likewise celebrated what he calls a “historic” Congress.

“The work we’ve done in the last five months will have a lasting impact on our state,” he said. in the statement Monday.

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