Ohio cop Chad Hagan reunited with K-9 partner Igor after Shaker Heights accepts $16K deal amid ownership battle

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ohio state police officer Reunited with former K-9 He becomes a partner during an emotional battle with the city he once served over ownership of his beloved dog.

The city of Shaker Heights has passed a resolution allowing Officer Chad Hagan and his family to purchase a 6-year-old German shepherd named Igor, K-9, in time to return home for the holidays. .

“I'm happy to have my family back for Christmas,” Hagan said excitedly. fox 8 on friday.

The family purchased Igor from the Shaker Heights Police Department for $16,500, and the funds will be used to train the new dog and another officer.

During a City Council meeting, former Hagan Police Chief Wayne Hudson proposed amending the current city code to allow K-9s that are still fit for duty to be sold to their former handlers in exchange for the price. recommended. Please replace them.

The vote passed unanimously, with Hagan watching the session via Zoom.

Chad Hagan worked with Igor for five years until he left his current police job and moved to another location closer to home. Facebook

Hagan was then informed that Igor's ownership had been transferred to him and that he could pick up his dog buddy the same day.

“On behalf of Officer Chad Hagan Jr. and his family, we would like to thank the City of Shaker Heights for working collaboratively to resolve this complex issue, and that Hagan’s dog companion, Igor, will be going home today. “We are pleased to announce that this is a legal way to balance the wishes of the Hagan family with the city's responsibilities,” the family's attorney said in a release provided to the outlet.

“Officer Hagan, Igor, and the rest of the Hagen family are truly grateful for all the support they have received.”

Hagan was told by the city that he had to relinquish ownership of Igor and was unable to purchase the pouch because his former police department believed the K-9 was still fit for use. . Facebook/Fox 8 News

The exciting reunion was accompanied by lots of drooling kisses and cries of joy from Igor, who had been in a kennel for more than two weeks when his family had to surrender him after Thanksgiving.

“He was excited and was jumping up and down on us,” Chad's wife, Danielle Hagan, told the magazine. “Well, to be honest, he might not even care about me. He was bouncing all over Chad and was so excited to see us.”

The two worked together for more than five years before Hagan transferred to another police department to be closer to his family.

After much pressure and persistence with the city, Hagan was allowed to buy Igor out of the city. Facebook/Fox 8 News

A desperate trainer claims his canine partner is nearing retirement and offers to buy him for $10,000, when the normal purchase price for a retired K-9 is just $1. The department decided that Igor was still fit for active duty, so he was shot down easily.

During that time, they developed an inseparable family bond.

“It was very difficult for him just to be away from his best friend,” Daniel told the magazine.

“The dog he's been with every day for the last five and a half years, that's been very difficult.”

Despite the high sale price, it was nothing compared to Hagan and Igor's love for each other.

“Whatever we had to do to get Igor back was what we were going to do,” Hagan's wife said, adding that the family agreed to the “Shaker Heights City… I am grateful to you,” he added.

Mr Hagan said he and his family were happy to be able to bring his ex-partner home for Christmas. Facebook/Fox 8 News

Members of the community were also touched by the bond between the partners and set up a GoFundMe called “Bring K-9 Igor Home,” which raised about $13,000 to reunite the two.

Shaker Heights Mayor David Weiss told the program, “We are truly grateful for the love for animals that has inspired so many people from here and abroad to share their thoughts on this situation.”

“Our ordinance reflects long-standing state law and, as Officer Hagan knew, did not give officers the authority to address cases where dogs leave the department prior to retirement. Today's amendments to the ordinance in Parliament allow for the amicable resolution reached today.”



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