Ohio police search for another escaped prisoner as state still reels from last week’s jailbreak

Law enforcement in Akron, Ohio, is searching for an inmate who escaped custody while being transported to see a doctor early Tuesday morning.

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning about the escape of inmate Jason Lyle Conrad.

At 8:00 am, a lieutenant took Conrad to Suma Health White Pond Medical Center in Akron. The sheriff’s office said on Facebook that Conrad was handcuffed and wearing his boots due to previous injuries.

While the lieutenant was unloading the prisoner from the transport vehicle, Mr. Conrad “was able to escape after removing the trunk and escaped,” the alarm said.

Inmate escaped from Ohio prison, boater finds body floating in river, found dead

Jason Lyle Conrad has fled the Summit County Sheriff’s Deputy in Akron, Ohio. (Summit County Sheriff’s Office)

Sheriff’s deputies, Akron, Fairlawn and Copley police officers and members of the Highway Patrol are assisting in the search.

The sheriff’s office said Conrad was a white male, 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed about 150 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes, and probably wears an orange shirt and pants, or blue shorts.

Conrad has been charged with willful evasion, drug possession, drug trafficking and parole violations.

The investigation comes after other Ohio officials faced the subsequent determined escape of two other prisoners last week.

Ohio legislators are searching for two prisoners who have judged that they are ‘armed and dangerous’

Ohio inmate escapes from Lima prison

Bradley Gillespie (left) and James Lee (right) escaped from Allen Oakwood Correctional Facility in Lima, Ohio on May 22nd. (Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, via AP)

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections determined Friday afternoon that investigators determined James Lee, 47, and Bradley Gillespie, 50, left the Allen/Oakwood Correctional Facility in Lima “after hiding in a trash can.” announced.

After Lee’s absence was discovered during an 11 a.m. prisoner count, the two were reported missing on May 23, and an emergency count found Gillespie also missing.

Lee, who is serving a sentence for robbery and safe-breaking in 2021, was released from Kentucky early Wednesday morning after a police chase of a stolen vehicle believed to contain the men ended in a crash and a foot chase. Authorities said he was re-arrested in

Summit County Sheriff's Office vehicle

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office announced that Jason Lyle Conrad had fled while being transported to a clinic. (Summit County Sheriff’s Office)

Henderson Police Chief Sean McKinney told a news conference that Gillespie’s body, who had been incarcerated since 2016 on murder charges, was found floating in the Ohio River and was found dead on Sunday. Stated.

In Henderson, a city across the Ohio River from Indiana, about 550 miles southwest of Lima, Ohio, authorities said the prisoners had escaped on May 22.


Officials said one and three prison officers were on paid leave, and similar measures could be taken for other officers as the ministry’s internal investigation continues. . A criminal investigation by the Ohio Highway Patrol continues.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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