Oilers’ Connor McDavid Gets Robbed Of Playoff Goal In Incredibly Sickening Way

Hockey is joy, but it can sometimes be PAIN.

Dallas Stars goalie Jake Oettinger may have made the save of the Western Conference Final … problem is, it wasn’t Oettinger who actually did it. During Wednesday night’s Game 4 between the Stars and Edmonton Oilers, Oettinger’s stick got discarded and actually prevented Oilers superstar Connor McDavid from scoring.

Late in the first period, the Oilers were on a power play, and at one point, Oettinger misplaced his stick and it ended up landing in the crease behind him. McDavid tried to take advantage for a goal, shooting low while the net was empty, but the puck ended up striking Oettinger’s lost stick which was right on the goal line — keeping the game at a 2-2 tie. (RELATED: Vegas Golden Knights Haven’t Spoken To Jonathan Marchessault About A Contract Extension, Superstar Says)

McDavid was spotted on the bench later shaking his head in shock while watching the replay.

Straight up robbery!


I can’t think of a more painful way to get robbed of a goal, and this happened during the playoffs too?


I don’t know what hurts worse … this, or what I covered just recently involving a college golfer:

Now that I watch that again, definitely the golf shot, and he lost the national championship because of that … I doubt that kid has slept since then.

Just some brutal stuff going on lately, wow.

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