Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt Endorses Ron DeSantis For President

Oklahoma Republican Governor Kevin Stitt endorsed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as the Republican nominee for president on Saturday.

The two-term governor, during a speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma, endorsed DeSantis by 20 members of the state legislature and a former Oklahoma congressman appointed by President Trump. expressed support. Jim BridenstineAccording to the campaign press release. Stitt said he supports DeSantis because he is a “strong conservative and principled leader.”

“As a fellow governor during the Covid-19 crisis, Mr. DeSantis did not abandon state rights or individual liberties for groupthink,” Stitt said in a statement. “This election cycle will remind Oklahomans that DeSantis was one of the few people who didn’t back down in the face of adversity because he acted with stubborn convictions and limited Because we shared our values ​​for a government and a free country.”

“As a proven leader, DeSantis has driven results for the people of Florida, laying the foundation for a booming economy, a student-results-oriented education system, and better infrastructure for working families,” Stitt said. rice field. “To bring about this same outcome across the nation and unleash the disastrous liberal mandate of the Biden administration will require a candidate who can win and continue to win a second term as president. I’m pretty sure it’s DeSantis.”

Stitt previously told the DCNF that he believes the governor’s experience in running the state will “definitely” make him a better president. The governor, he argued, has experience in overseeing staff and finances and presiding over legislatures, not just as legislators. (Related: Exclusive: Governor Red Thinks Governor ‘Definitely’ Would Make a Better President)

The governor also told the DCNF that he was open to a cabinet post if the Republicans won the presidential election in 2024, leaving the door open to slots under Mr. DeSantis. Mr. Stitt has suggested either the secretary of state or the secretary of energy, which he says is “most natural” for him.

“If the president asks you something, it’s hard to say no,” Stitt told the DCNF. “If I can be of service and the president wants me to do something, I’m sure I’ll look into it very strongly.”

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