Olivia Dunne melts over boyfriend Paul Skenes’ 102 mph heat

Paul Skeens was on the radar gun in Florida and Olivia Dunn made sure to support him.

The Pirates’ top prospect had a dominant performance in spring training against the Orioles on Thursday afternoon, and his girlfriend shared her love on social media.

The 21-year-old Skeens, the No. 1 pick in last year’s MLB Draft, hit 162 mph with a powerful fastball against Baltimore in Sarasota, Fla., and pitched 1-2-3 innings in the Pirates’ 9-8 loss. pitched perfectly.

The highlight of the game was when he faced Orioles top prospect Jackson Holiday in his first at-bat, and grounded out with a triple-digit fastball on his second pitch.

Paul Skeens No. 30 of the Pittsburgh Pirates pitches during a spring training game against the Baltimore Orioles at Ed Smith Stadium on February 29, 2024 in Sarasota, Florida. Getty Images
Olivia Dunne was proud of her boyfriend Paul Skeens. Olivia Dunn/Instagram

Skeens then induced two flyouts to end a perfect 10-pitch frame.

Dunn, 21, reposted a video of Skens’ highlights to his Instagram Story, seemingly paying homage to the incredible velocity of his fastball, writing, “Just a little thing.”

“I think the biggest thing was just going out and throwing in front of people, because the adrenaline is a big thing,” Skeens told reporters after the trip, according to the Associated Press. “I just wanted to know what kind of situation we were in.”

Olivia Dunn is in the middle of her gymnastics season at LSU. Olivia Dunn/Instagram
Olivia Dunn has been dating Paul Skeens since the summer. Olivia Dunn/Instagram

Meanwhile, Dunn, who appeared on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” on Thursday, spoke about his relationship with Skeens toward the end of the interview.

“He’s always pretty chill, which is what I like about him, and I think we make a really good pair because of that,” she said. “Because I have such a crazy lifestyle and things don’t always go my way. Sometimes my emotions swing, but he’s very even-keeled and I think he’s a very good match. .”

The pair went public with their relationship in late summer after he joined Pirates, and have been enjoying each other’s company on social media and elsewhere.

Dunn tried to prank Skeens on a recent TikTok by saying he had a new sponsorship deal involving an offshore oil rig, but instead of sounding angry or weird, the former LSU pitcher said he was a current LSU gymnast. supported.

Over the summer, Skeens opened up about his connection to the virus to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“Sure, that’s a good thing,” Skenes said. “To be honest, it can be a pain sometimes to actually go somewhere. If one of us went out to Baton Rouge by ourselves, there would probably be people asking for pictures, autographs, things like that. ”

Skeens is currently preparing for his major league debut.



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