One-Vote Margin Means I Have to Work with a ‘Couple of Democrats’

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) said Wednesday on CNN’s “The Lead” that he needs to work with Democrats because approval ratings in the House are at their lowest in U.S. history.

Mr Johnson said: “Many of my Conservative friends, some of whom you might have just guessed, are some of the most vocal supporters of regular processes in the House of Commons; It means that we look at things as a single subject.’ We consider them separately on their own merits. So I decided that we should split this into four parts, evaluating the funding arrangements for Israel, Ukraine, and the Indo-Pacific, and separating domestic and foreign aid responsibilities separately. Therefore, there are 4 separate invoices. Everyone can vote yes based on their own merits, and that’s what they want. ”

He added, “I’m operating on the lowest margins in history. We’re one vote apart. So to get anything into this underlying package, we need a floor vote to pass the rules.” That’s how the process works here. The rules allow for substantive legislation, and all of my Republicans agree to the rules. I mean, the only way to get a rule passed on the floor is to have a few Democrats. Well, it’s not for border security. That’s not their policy. There are people who like open borders, but their votes show and show, so we literally have no way to combine it. So we’re running separate packages.

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