‘OnlyFans’ squatter allegedly installs stripper pole, trashes $900K home

KIRO 7 reports that Seattle police have removed two squatters, including one described as an “OnlyFans influencer” who installed a stripper pole in a $900,000 home after allegedly forging a rental agreement. It is said that he did.

“Yes, it was a stressful situation,” says Seattle property owner Rekha Devatha. he told the outlet on Sunday. “And I just felt mentally relieved. Not only did we get the squatters out, we made the neighborhood safe again.”

“One of the uninvited people…identifies themselves as an ‘OnlyFans influencer’ on LinkedIn. The couple is now missing. They left behind clothes, a half-eaten cake, and…a stripper pole. ”, the media reported.

“I don’t know if she was going to create content here or what she was doing, but it’s just scary to think that she was going to use this unit for that purpose,” the landlord said in the apartment. talked about things.

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Rekha Devatha is a landlord who claims two squatters have taken over her property and installed a stripper pole. (Rekha Devata)

“They said they were doing plumbing and electrical work, so I can only assume they were destroying my property room by room,” she told KIRO.

Mr Devasa said it was a “property nightmare” when he discovered a man and woman had broken into one of the vacant rooms, changed the locks and taken over.

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When she confronted them, they refused to leave, she said on Instagram. “I went to meet the squatters… and I saw them tearing up the carpet and taking away the door trim and God knows what else,” she said. .

The squatters signed a rental agreement and claimed that when the landlord initially tried to get law enforcement involved, he told them it was a civil matter and they would need to hire a lawyer.


“My question to the Seattle City Council is how do they tolerate this type of behavior and how do they protect landlords,” Devata said.

The names of the individuals in question were not immediately released. Fox News Digital contacted police, but the information was not immediately available in time for publication.