‘Open Door’ on Asylum Claims Is Hurting My District in Washington

On Thursday's “NewsNation Now” broadcast, Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.) said our refugee system is too lenient because the current refugee law system “makes it easier for people to run into people.” He said that it is necessary to strengthen the He would cross the border and apply for asylum, where he would remain for years. ” And “we have seen the impact” of “opening the door to all asylum claims” across the country, including in his district in Washington.

Mr Smith said:[I]It is too easy for people to cross the border, apply for asylum, and then stay for years. Now, I've read HR 2…which basically wants to abolish asylum and deport everyone who is in the United States illegally, and I think that goes too far. …I think we need a more thoughtful approach than that, but we can never completely open the door to every asylum claim. And we've seen the effects of that across the country, including in my district. … there is Church in my neighborhood in Tukwila… It opened its doors to refugees and asylum seekers, but they are now completely overwhelmed because word has spread that this is a place they can go. ”

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