OpenAI’s loss is Microsoft’s gain

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Altman, along with former OpenAI president and co-founder Altman, made the announcement late Sunday. Greg Brockmanwill lead the tech giant’s generative artificial intelligence (AI) team.

The announcement capped a tumultuous news weekend following the incident. The OpenAI board fired Altman on Friday night.

If Mr. Altman is ousted and Mr. Brockman decides to follow him, Microsoft could walk away. the winning side A state of confusion.

Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in OpenAI and worked closely with the company to: Incorporate ChatGPT Incorporated into Microsoft products.

The company’s partnership with Microsoft has kept it in a leading position in the AI ​​arms race that has intensified this year.

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives said the company stands to benefit even more now that Altman will report directly to Microsoft.

“It’s a lot cleaner to have him under them. That’s why I think Microsoft will ultimately be in a better position than they were on Friday,” Ives said.

said Sarah Kreps, a professor of government and director of the Technology Policy Institute at Cornell University. biggest battle There is currently a talent shortage in the AI ​​field.

“It’s about finding people who are smart, who have great ideas, who are determined. Because everyone is chasing the same people, and Microsoft just got this huge talent windfall. So right now So Microsoft’s gain is actually OpenAI’s loss,” Kreps said.

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