OpenAI’s workers revolt, threaten to quit unless board reinstates Altman and resigns: Report

The majority of OpenAI’s employees are prepared to resign unless the board reinstates Sam Altman as CEO and other members resign.

More than 500 of the company’s roughly 770 employees signed a letter submitted to the board and obtained by FOX Business, threatening to follow Mr. Altman to Microsoft if their demands are not met.

OpenAI employees are revolting against the company’s board after its members fired CEO Sam Altman. (Lionel Bonaventure/AFP via Getty Images/Getty Images)

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“Your actions have demonstrated that you are incompetent to oversee OpenAI,” the letter said. “We cannot work for or with people who lack competence, judgment, and consideration for our mission and our people. We, the undersigned, are resigning from OpenAI and joining Sam Altman and… They may choose to join the newly announced Microsoft subsidiary run by Greg Brockman.”

He added, “Microsoft has assured us that this new subsidiary will have positions for all OpenAI employees if we choose to join.”

The OpenAI board fired Altman on Friday, citing his failure to “consistently and openly communicate” with the board. Later that night, Brockman, president of OpenAI and co-founder of the company that developed the popular software ChatGPT, announced his resignation on his X.

Sam Altman, former CEO of OpenAI

Former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman speaks at a conference at Station F in Paris on May 26, 2023. OpenAI’s board of directors fired Altman on Friday. (Photo by JOEL SAGET/AFP via Getty Images/Getty Images)

On Sunday, Altman met with the board of directors at OpenAI headquarters in hopes of returning, but the board declined to let him return and instead named former Twitch CEO Emmett Shea as his interim replacement.

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And on Monday morning, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced on X that Altman and Brockman will lead a new advanced AI research team at Microsoft, which has invested heavily in OpenAI.

Microsoft Satya Nadella

Microsoft Corp. CEO Satya Nadella spoke at the Microsoft Product Event in New York on Wednesday, October 2, 2019. Nadella announced Monday that Microsoft has hired ousted OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. (Photographer: Mark Kauzlarich/Bloomberg via Getty Images / Getty Images)


OpenAI’s board of directors did not respond to requests for comment regarding the letter to employees.

FOX Business’ Kelly O’Grady and Greg Wehner contributed to this report.