Oregon ‘Right to Rest Act’ would let homeless treat tents on public sidewalks as private residences — and sue for $1,000 if ‘harassed’

An Oregon bill called the “Right to Rest Act” decriminalizes camping in public places and gives homeless people the ability to treat property like tents as private residences, even when they’re on public sidewalks. . KATU-TV reported.

Detail is?

HB3501 KATU maintains that homeless people are entitled to “the benefits and reasonable expectations of privacy in any property owned by that person, regardless of whether such property is in a public place”. KATU added that it means it can handle public places. Like a private residence that “has no discrimination or time limits based on housing status.”

The agency added that homeless people could sue for up to $1,000 if they were “cleaned, told to move, or “harassed” according to the bill.

Jimmy Jones, executive director of the Mid Willamette Valley Community Action Agency, told KATU: We believe that when people lose their homes, they lose their legal and constitutional rights.”

Oregon Legislature Proposes ‘Right to Rest’ Bill to Decriminalize Public

What is the public reaction?

Many commenters below the KATU video report on YouTube did not seem thrilled about the bill.

  • “Everyone who supports this can lead the way and open up their property to campers,” said one commenter. was suggested“Show me how it’s done.”
  • “Can it be easier than ever? How many of these camps will cause forest fires this year?” Another commenter wondered.
  • “This is the exact opposite of what we need…” another commenter Declared.
  • “WTF”, another commenter I have written“Democrats just get [crazier] by the day. ”
  • “Again, Oregon is its own worst enemy…” Another comment lamented.

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