ORTIZ: American Wages Are Nosediving Under Biden — Voters Can Turn Things Around On Election Day

A new Congress is needed to put an end to a devastating streak that best encapsulates the economic pain inflicted by the Biden administration and Congressional Democrats over the last two years. As today’s job numbers show, American workers’ real wages have declined for 19 consecutive months.

Over the last year, inflation has grown 74% faster than average wages, reducing Americans’ earnings by approximately $6,000. As a result, living standards are steadily eroding — the opposite of Americans’ birthright. (RELATED: ORTIZ: America’s Economy Is Approaching The Point Of No Return. Here’s How To Save It From The Biden Admin)

Today’s jobs report also reveals the unemployment rate increased, the labor force participation rate decreased, and there was a big jump in the number of unemployed. These figures track Job Creators Network Foundation’s latest SBIQ poll, which finds small business owners overwhelmingly rate inflation as their biggest problem, and most believe the economy is still in a recession.

Labor market data and polls aren’t needed to reveal this sad reality to Americans. We feel it every time we buy a gallon of gas or a quart of milk. It seems like prices of everything are up around 50% over the past couple of years. The mainstream media ignores the significant real wage declines felt by American workers, but we are reminded every time we make a purchase.

The economy is on the ballot on Tuesday, and Americans can start digging the country out of this economic mess by firing Democrats for cause. Recognizing their incompetence on the economy, President Joe Biden and Democrats are desperately trying to change the conversation and pretend “democracy” is on the ballot instead.

Observe the president’s dark and divisive Union Station speech on Wednesday, which was a greatest hits playlist of Democrats’ fearmongering position the last three election cycles that the future of the republic is at stake.

These claims are classic projection. To the extent there’s a threat to democracy, Democrats pose it. They’re the party that’s attempted to conduct a federal takeover of elections, made repeated accusations of election illegitimacy in Georgia this cycle and ruthlessly attacked the Supreme Court.

Even Ohio Democratic Senate hopeful Tim Ryan said he wished Biden spent his speech addressing the economy. But, honestly, what could have been said? Democrats have no economic plan other than to double down on their failed big government approach that got us into this mess in the first place. We tried the Democrats’ method, and (like always) it didn’t work.

No wonder they’re trying to change the conversation. Yet climate change alarmism, democratically-decided abortion laws, and the Jan. 6 show trials pale in importance to putting food on the table. Because of Democrats’ governing, some Americans this winter are forced to choose between eating and heating.

As a result of Democrats’ abdication of economy, the party for the first time receives more support from white college graduates than minorities. As longtime Democrat Paul Begala puts it, “The Democrats have gone from being the party of the factory floor to being the party of the faculty lounge.” Democrats are out-of-touch elites.

By gaining control of the House of Representatives next week, Republicans can stop the reckless spending fueling the inflationary fire. They can end the threat of additional tax hikes, radical labor law reform, and a D.C. takeover of elections.

A Republican Senate can stop the appointment of activist liberal judges who rubber-stamp the Biden administration’s executive overreach. This Senate check will be necessary over the next two years as Biden will increasingly have to resort to executive orders to get his agenda passed.

Job Creators Network has released an eight-point American Small Business Prosperity Plan that the next Congress can use as a playbook to overcome inflation and jumpstart the economy. In addition to ending deficit spending, provisions include boosting energy production to ease pain at the pump, making the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent to spur small businesses and implementing market-based healthcare reforms to actually reduce the outrageous cost of healthcare.

Such commonsense, pro-growth reforms can finally end the country’s embarrassing streak of wage declines and make real wages and living standards grow once again. The first step is voting for change on Election Day.

Alfredo Ortiz is president and CEO of Job Creators Network.

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