Oversight Panel Has Subpoenaed Joe Biden Phone Records

The House Oversight Committee subpoenaed call records from a cell phone owned by President Joe Biden, which was paid for by Hunter Biden’s business, according to Government Accountability Office Director Peter Schweitzer in an interview Tuesday.

Schweitzer said in an article: Interview with 77 WABC members Cats & Cosby Hunter Biden’s laptop was found to have paid for his father’s phone bill from 2009 to 2017, when he was vice president.

“We have obtained the phone number, shared it with individuals, and the Congressional Oversight Committee will subpoena the records of those calls. It’s not the personal phone that Joe Biden pays for, it’s actually [Hunter] Biden’s business paid for it,” Schweitzer said.

Schweitzer, a senior contributor to Breitbart News and author of the best-selling Joe Biden, said, “We have a lot of interesting information about who Joe Biden was talking to on this phone call that his son was paying. I think I can,” he said. Multiple books on corruption by political elites.

Schweitzer called reported for deletion The IRS investigative team investigating allegations of Hunter Biden’s tax evasion said it was “very disturbing.” The removal is seen as retaliation for a whistleblower who contacted Congress about a possible IRS cover-up on the case.

“This is very worrying. It’s the pattern we’re seeing here,” Schweitzer said, adding:

There is a whistleblower filed by people at the IRS who were investigating Hunter Biden’s tax defaults. They filed a whistleblower complaint with Congress. The individuals were reportedly removed from the case, which violates the Whistleblowing Act. It is not permissible to remove a person from a position for making a whistleblower complaint.

Schweitzer said the dismissal of the investigation team was potentially illegal. he explained:

What happened in 2018 was that the IRS investigated and exposed the fact that Hunter Biden had taken in all this foreign income. secret empire So a grand jury was set up and an IRS investigation was conducted. And they basically concluded that Hunter Biden received millions of dollars from foreign money and paid no taxes on it. I have a friend, a lawyer in Los Angeles, who paid his IRS his $20,000 to pay part of his unpaid taxes, but the IRS was investigating allegations of tax evasion.

They went to a congressional committee and complained that they believed there was political interference from the Justice Department. I haven’t looked into the details, but that’s what they said. And heck, the IRS says they’re going to drop Hunter Biden’s investigative team, which has been investigating for years, and it looks like they’ll have to start all over again. , so what does that mean for investigations? what do you mean? I think it’s massive, but first of all… I think it’s illegal due to the Whistleblowing Act. A person cannot be removed from a position for making a whistleblower complaint.

schweitzer book, The Secret Empire: How Our Politicians Hide Their Corruption and Enrich Their Family and Friendsrevealed in 2018 that Hunter Biden took in millions of dollars in foreign income and failed to pay taxes, leading to an IRS investigation and a grand jury investigation.

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