Paige Spiranac backhands John Daly after Beauty vs. The Beast charity match takes a turn

Paige Spiranac was scheduled to have a charity match against John Daly on Monday, entitled “Beauty vs. The Beast Celebrity Charity Match.” Unfortunately, the latter was absent from the event, leaving Spiranac up in the air.

As she’s been known to do, the golf influencer made lemonade out of lemons anyway. Instead she and Jerry Kelly played a round together.

Then Spiranak posted on social media Drop the bomb for everyone to hear.

“Today was supposed to be John Daly. was the best round of golf I’ve ever seen.We raised a lot of money for charity but I’m not very happy with the 66 I shot,” she tweeted. bottom.

The charity event included various to watch The round had a range From $15 to $105 per But there was also a VIP reception that cost fans $155.

In the late afternoon, Paige Spiranac hosted a pool party entitled “Paige’s Party”. There was even an online auction for Spiranac and Dairy Cart Caddies.

But with the former PGA and British Open champion apparently absent, it’s unclear how many promises have been held to account.

When it comes to golf, it sounds like Jerry Kelly reminded everyone why he was able to win the PGA Tour three times and cash in more than $29 million over his career.

Meanwhile, Spiranac continues to throw Daly under the bus unapologetically, and with good reason.

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