Palestinian Islamic Jihad Releases Video of Israeli Hostage Alexander Trupanov

The Al-Quds Brigades, the “military” wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist organization, released a video of Israeli hostage Alexander Sasha Trupanov on Tuesday.

The 30-second video was posted to multiple PIJ channels on the secure messaging platform Telegram. Trupanov is wearing a polo shirt, has no visible signs of injury, and appears to have had a haircut. It is unclear when the short video was taken.

Trupanov speaks Hebrew Dealt with The People of Israel and “All Protesters”

“In the coming days, you will hear the truth about what happened to me, like other prisoners in Gaza. Please be patient,” he said.

The video ends with footage of the rocket launch and a brief glimpse of two unidentified men.

Trupanov, 28, is a dual Russian-Israeli computer engineer who works for Amazon subsidiary Annapurna Labs, based in Tel Aviv. He was one of around 250 victims kidnapped on October 7 in a horrific series of rapes, murders and infanticides committed by Hamas against Israeli civilians. The Israeli government I believe About 130 hostages remain being held by Palestinian terrorist groups, about a quarter of them having died in captivity.

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Joel B. Pollack/Breitbart News

“Amazon workers in Israel have been holding signs, making T-shirts and holding events in solidarity with Trufanov. [sic]However, he is reportedly unhappy with the management’s failure to make an official statement about his kidnapping.” New York Post report on tuesday.

Trupanov is Kidnapped She was released from Kibbutz Nir Oz on October 7 along with her mother, Elena, her grandmother, Irena, and her boyfriend, Sapir Cohen. Her father, Vitaly Trupanov, a Russian immigrant, was killed during a Hamas attack. The three women were among 105 hostages released by the Palestinian terrorist group in November as part of a deal with Israel.

“It’s very heartening to see Sasha on TV today, but it breaks my heart that he has been held captive for so long,” Elena Trupanov said. Said After the hostage video was released.

Cohen said: interview In the Italian newspapers Libero Quotidiano On May 22nd she I remembered On October 7, he witnessed Turpanov being “beaten until he was bloody and thrown face-first to the ground” by brutal Hamas killers.

She described her experience on the day of the attack:

We expected the military to step in and defend us, but instead terror erupted with cries of “Allah is great!” We heard the gunfire and the cries of despair of those who were forced to witness the carnage, whose loved ones were slaughtered by bullets.

Cohen said that during her time as a hostage, Hamas operatives tried to convince her that Israel had “forgotten” her and did not care about the fate of the other hostages.

“The evidence of Alexander Trupanov’s survival is further evidence that the Israeli government must give significant authority to the negotiating team, which will lead to an agreement for the return of all hostages.” Said “The living will be reintegrated into society and the murdered will be buried,” the Forum of Families of Hostages and Missing People said at a meeting of victims’ relatives on October 7.