Paramount+ Removes Russell Brand Comedy Special While Continuing to Stream Harvey Weinstein Movies

The Paramount+ streaming service has dropped Russell Brand’s 2009 comedy special in the latest act of corporate censorship against the politically inconvenient British star, who has faced allegations of rape and other forms of sexual misconduct. Removed from platform.

Paramount’s decision to withdraw Russell Brand livestreams from New York The company’s streaming service continues to offer several Harvey Weinstein movies and a Roman Polanski movie.

Weinstein and Polanski are both sex offenders, the former convicted and the latter pled guilty. Meanwhile, the brand’s previous accusations remain baseless from a legal perspective.

Paramount appears to have removed Brando’s comedy special on Tuesday. The studio’s decision follows similar acts of censorship by YouTube and the BBC.

Google-owned YouTube suspended monetization from brands’ accounts, claiming that such decisions are made when “a creator’s off-platform behavior harms users.”

Meanwhile, the BBC removed some content featuring Russell from its streaming platforms iPlayer and BBC Sounds, saying it “determined that it fell short of the public’s expectations”.

The brand has emerged in recent years as a threat not only to Democrats but also to mainstream establishment media with its huge social media presence, using it to attack the Ukraine war, big tech censorship, the coronavirus, and leftists such as Biden. It casts doubt on the legitimacy of management.

He made many enemies among media executives by interviewing Tucker Carlson and even Oliver Stone, who admitted that voting for Biden in 2020 was a “mistake.”

Paramount+ continues to stream several movies produced and distributed by Harvey Weinstein.Currently includes his Miramax release of Oscar Bait chocolate and cider house rulesas well as the Dimension release. scream and spy kids.

The studio acquired a stake in the former Miramax in 2020, giving it access to many of the films produced and cultivated by the Weinstein brothers.

The platform also streams Polanski’s classics. chinatowna Paramount release.

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