Parents clash with LGBTQ activists outside California elementary school over Pride Day rally

Parents protesting a planned LGBTQ rally at an elementary school in North Hollywood, Calif., clashed with left-wing supporters on Friday.

Hostilities within the school escalated further after some of the small LGBTQ flags used as decorations outside the classroom were burned. Some parents were surprised that the classroom teacher was found to be transgender, and the school district excluded the teacher as a safety measure.

Dozens of Los Angeles Police Department officers in tactical gear showed up to provide security and separate the two groups.

Parents took part in the protests, holding placards that read “Stop grooming your children” and wearing black and white shirts reading “Leave your children alone”.

KCAL-TV reported that a brawl broke out and police arrested several people.

Other videos showing the two confronting each other were also posted on social media.

at least one parent Said They had completely dragged the child out of Satikoy Primary School.

another video caught A physical altercation between the two sides.

In a previous interview, one parent explained why she opposes the theme of LGBTQ rallies.

“We respect all people, but some are appropriate for children of that age, some are not,” said George Jabloyan. “I hope this message gets across and people realize that parents should be the primary point of contact for what their children should and should not be exposed to. “

Part of the gathering included readings of the “Great Big Book of Families,” which included gay and lesbian families. Supporters of LGBTQ rallies accused their opponents of inciting “hate” against others.

Protest organizers said they had nothing to do with the burning of LGBTQ flags being investigated as a possible hate crime.

The school district said the meetings are voluntary and parents can refuse to let their students attend.

Here’s some local news about the protests:

Opposition Clashes at Satikoy Primary School Protest Over Pride

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