Parents share powerful stories about choosing life for babies with devastating diagnoses with BlazeTV’s Allie Beth Stuckey

Allie Beth Stuckey is an outspoken Christian and pro-life advocate.I can relate to Allie Beth Stuckey.” posted on social media with BlazeTV, calling for an opportunity to honor parents who have made the courageous choice to give life to their unborn children despite devastating prenatal diagnoses.

Stuckey's tweet came in response to the story of Kate Cox, a Texas woman who is going to great lengths to have the chance to kill her unborn child through an abortion. Cox's fetus has been diagnosed with complete trisomy 18, or Edwards syndrome. Although this genetic disease is survivable, 90% of cases die within a year.

Texas' new pro-life law protecting unborn babies does not allow abortions if the fetus has abnormalities. The only exception to heart rate claims is “a life-threatening physical condition exacerbated by, caused by, or resulting from pregnancy.” [mother] “Unless an abortion is performed or induced, it can pose a serious risk of death or significant impairment of major bodily functions.” It was argued that this could threaten the fertility of women.

On Monday, the state Supreme Court ruled that Cox cannot legally obtain an abortion in Texas. The country's pro-life laws “reflect policy choices made by Congress, and courts must respect those choices,” the court said in its decision. Cox reportedly decided to head out of state to get an abortion elsewhere.

Although the court's ruling focused primarily on the subtleties of the statute, Stuckey said that all human beings, including potentially traumatized unborn children like Kate Cox's, I decided to focus on the importance of valuing life.

Bubble can be treated[ies] Making a fatal diagnosis with dignity,” Stuckey tweeted Wednesday, adding, “Parents do it every day. They hand over their babies, hold them, tell them they love them, and let their babies die in their arms.” I'll let you know.''

Stuckey then invited parents with such stories to share them on X. ”[w]Please take a photo if you like. ”

Users were not disappointed. Stuckey's posts are flooded with stories of all kinds, from hopeful stories of perseverance to heartbreaking loss, all filled with the joy and love that comes with the gift of life.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Stuckey's post had 1,700 likes and more than 100 comments. Many agreed with Stuckey's call to treat infants with deadly diseases “with dignity” and allow them to die naturally, surrounded by their loved ones, rather than at the hands of doctors. There is. Abortionist.

Stuckey also directed users to Abel Speaks, an organization dedicated to helping “parents who choose to have a child with a life-limiting diagnosis.”

“Every child's life, regardless of its length, can be beautiful and meaningful,” the organization said. Website To read. “You are not alone on this path you never thought you would end up on. We are here to walk with you.”

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