Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua Was Possibly Killed By A Hungry Coyote

Paris Hilton’s pet chihuahua, Diamond Baby, is believed to have been killed by hungry coyotes.

Hilton launched an extensive and desperate search for her missing dog when it was reported  missing on Sept. 14, according to Daily Mail. Hilton was not home at the time, and it is believed that a workman inadvertently left the door open, allowing the dog to escape.

A source involved in the search told Daily Mail, “If Diamond Baby had been dognapped, we would have expected a ransom demand by now. But there have been no calls.” Hilton’s Mulholland Estates mansion is surrounded by rough terrain, and coyotes have recently been entering residential neighborhoods to seek water amid intense heat waves, the source added.

“It’s not looking good. It’s been a massive hunt with global publicity, but we’ve not had a single sighting. Usually in a case like this there are multiple sightings if a dog is roaming loose,” a source said to Daily Mail.

Paris Hilton offered $10,000 for the highly publicized missing dog case in Hollywood, according to Daily Mail. The heartbroken heiress has now come to terms with the fact that her fruitless 18-day hunt has turned up empty, and that her pup was most likely snatched by a coyote. (RELATED: Animal Control Rescues Missing Dog That Was Stuck On Island For Weeks)

“It’s very sad but Paris is coming to the conclusion she may never see Diamond Baby again,” the source said to Daily Mail. “She is heartbroken.”

Hilton tried everything to get the dog back, including launching a social media campaign. Diamond Baby was “like a daughter to me,” Hilton said. Pet detectives, psychics, dog trackers, and heat-seeking drones were all hired on to attempt to recover her missing dog, according to Daily Mail.

Hilton is known to pamper her pups. She houses them in a luxurious pet home and often flaunts their fancy doggie-attire and accessories on social media.

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