Passengers come to man’s defense after he opened an emergency exit door and walked onto the plane’s wing

Mexico International Airport recently mentioned in a statement on Friday that a man opened an emergency exit and climbed into the wing of a plane that was parked and waiting to take off on Thursday, according to the paper. Associated Press.

The man was handed over to police, the airport said. And while the incident seemed like just another case of airport misconduct, many on the plane came to the man's defense, saying the airline forced passengers to wait for hours without ventilation or water. It appears that he signed a statement stating that

The report noted that other passengers supported the man's decision and that authorities had photographed a statement saying he acted “with the support of all and for the protection of all.”

CTV News report The airport said in a statement: “Yesterday, a passenger on a flight to Guatemala opened the emergency door of a stationary plane at a distance, stood on the wing, and re-entered the cabin, but the plane There was no impact.” Or someone else. ”

“In accordance with international security regulations, this person surrendered to the authorities.”

At least 77 passengers signed a statement scrawled on notebook paper. The Aeromexico flight was ready to leave Mexico and head to Guatemala City.

The statement read:[t]Delays and lack of air created a situation that endangered the health of passengers. He saved our lives. ”

An incident report has been submitted to the airport authorities, and it appears the passengers were correct.

“At approximately 11:37 a.m., a Mexican airline reported that a disturbance had begun due to passenger dissatisfaction on board AM 672,” according to the incident report.

“The plane was scheduled to take off at 8:45 a.m. Thursday, but a maintenance alert for the plane occurred and the captain had to return to the gate for necessary maintenance.”

“The passengers became disgruntled and one of them opened the emergency door and exited the wing. This incident necessitated a change of plane.”

Airport authorities have not identified the man on the plane's wing and have not said whether he remains in custody.

Reports confirmed Thursday that AM672 bound for Guatemala City was delayed by nearly five hours.

The Associated Press noted that Aeromexico did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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