Pastor Ed Young Shares a Shark Tale Full of Hope amid Grief

Many people know Ed Young as a prolific speaker, author, and pastor. fellowship church, located outside the Dallas area in Grapevine, Texas. What many may not know is that Young loves fishing and goes whale hunting, so when the chance to catch a great white shark came up last December, he was ready. . “I got a phone call one afternoon and decided to take my family and friends on the next Southwest flight to look for them. A friend of mine who scouts for whales said, ‘Ed, the whales are here. ‘I still remember him saying, ‘That’s it.’ Ed needed to hear. But his voyage was different this time, as it was a meaningful way to honor his late daughter, Libeth, who died suddenly from drug abuse.According to Ed, “From an early age, Liebeth loved fishing.” Ed reflects on Liebeth in an exclusive interview. crosswalk heading” looks back at the lives of his daughters, who were church employees, and how they bonded while fishing together.

“The last fish she caught was a shark,” Ed said. “She caught a great white shark in her honor to Liebes and wanted to share that experience with her.”

Ed, along with his wife Lisa, wrote about their grief in a recently published book. A path through pain: How to grow in faith and increase joy through things you never chose..

“When you lose a child, you walk with a limp for the rest of your life. It’s always that scar, and it’s sensitive to touch. So even though we’re doing well, it’s still surreal. I can say that. Yes, even talking about it. I can’t believe this happened, but I think it has brought our family closer together. It has brought our church closer together. It brought Lisa and I closer together.” For Ed, the great white shark capture was even more meaningful, and he realized where his strength came from in the two hours it took him to land the shark. It might explain why you came. It was huge,” he said. The fish was 14 feet long and weighed more than 2,800 pounds. But the real measure for Young was the most meaningful time of his life spent honoring his daughter. Once Young and his crew caught the great white shark, they tagged it. , and released it back into the sea.

Captain Chip Michallove, along with scientist Megan Winton, led the expedition, which tagged the shark with a satellite tracking device and released it. Ed and many others then began following Reeves (the shark’s new honorary name)’s movements online. February 29, 2024 Great white shark conservation group announces Liebes made history by traveling the furthest west a great white shark had ever been tracked into the Gulf of Mexico…and no one else has ever reported as much.

According to Young, “What’s so crazy is that she kind of swam to where we were in a weird way, like we were in Florida and then we obviously went to Dallas.” So she swam and swam all over Florida.”

Young’s faith remained strong through the grief. But seeing Liebes move like this lifted his spirits and reminded him that God was with him. “This is more than an amazing feat of tracking a great white shark, it is proof of the transformative power of faith, no matter the pain.”

Young makes it clear that the pain and grief he and others are experiencing over the loss of a loved one is real, but for Young, it is his faith that keeps him strong and helps him and himself. of churches have even grown to: In times of sadness, it may be impossible to imagine.

“Our church surrounds us with love and support and compassion. We’ve grown so much because of it. The people who come to our church are just dripping with guts.” Young As we look back at what God is doing, but also look ahead to why God continues to be in ministry, it seems to come down to one common theme. That said, it’s about the people.

“I always ask myself this question: ‘Who are you reaching out to? Who are you reaching out to? Who are you reaching out to?’ I think of a table, and the first chair is that person who doesn’t know Christ, and that’s what drives me. The second chair is a brand new believer, and he’s teaching them the meaning of faith. “Walk in Christ and be sanctified. And the third chair will be the nucleus of our church, those who follow the whole court of Christ. So those chairs are the first for me. It will be a chair. It is that man who does not know the Lord that keeps me in the game.”

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