Patron Shoots Man Who Allegedly Tried Robbing Employees And Customers At Massage Parlor, Police Say

According to KTLA, at 9:45 p.m. Wednesday, armed patrons at a massage parlor in California opened fire on two people who were allegedly trying to rob them.

The two suspects allegedly fled the Riverside parlor after the firearm was discharged, according to KTLA. report. Police told the media that one suspect was found nearby in a life-threatening condition with gunshot wounds and was taken to a hospital.

No one else was injured and police are still searching for the other suspect. Said Fox 11. (Related: Bureaucratic blunder costs Free Cities millions of dollars in crime-fighting funding)

police told ABC 7 The store was closed at the time of the incident and the gun was legally registered.

Riverside Police Department Public Information Officer Ryan J. Railsback told the Daily Caller that despite various media reports, it was an armed customer, not an employee, who shot and killed one of the robbery suspects.

Asked about reports that an employee fired a gun, Railsback said, “I don’t know where they got that information.”

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