Paula Abdul Sues American Idol Exec For Alleged Sexual Assault And Gender Violence

Paula Abdul filed a lawsuit against TV executive Nigel Lythgoe on Friday alleging sexual assault and gender violence, multiple media outlets reported.

The singer and former “American Idol” judge filed the lawsuit on Friday, according to . variety. Abdul alleges that Lithgow committed acts of sexual assault and gender violence. deadline I got it. The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, was filed just 72 hours before California's Sexual Abuse and Concealment Liability Act deadline.

“Lithgow knew that his treatment of Abdul was inappropriate and even criminal,” the lawsuit alleges, Deadline reported. The lawsuit also added that producers reportedly used their industry power to blackmail Abdul into silence. Specific instances cited in the lawsuit include one in which Lithgow allegedly contacted Abdul and berated her because “seven years had passed and the statute of limitations had passed,” Variety reported. reported.

“For years, Abdul remained silent about the sexual assault and harassment he experienced at the hands of Lithgow because he was afraid to speak out against one of television's competition show's most famous producers. , this producer could easily have ruined his career as a television personality, ostracized and condemned by an industry with a pattern of protecting the powerful and silencing victims of sexual assault and harassment. This is stated in the lawsuit. report. (Related: Paula Abdul reveals if she ever dated Simon Cowell)

The legal documents also revealed restrictive clauses in Abdul's “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance” contracts, Deadline reported. These provisions allegedly prevented her from speaking out about incidents that could be considered “confidential business information” or “derogatory,” further complicating her ability to come forward.

The first incident allegedly occurred in a hotel elevator during an early season of American Idol, when Lithgow allegedly groped Abdul and tried to kiss him, Deadline reported. The second incident, which allegedly took place at Mr Lithgow's residence in 2015, involved Mr Lithgow allegedly making unwanted advances in the name of forming a “power couple”.

According to Deadline, neither Abdul's representatives nor the defendant's representatives have commented on the lawsuit.



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