Pelosi calls Santos a ‘coward’ for leaving chamber before expulsion vote closed

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday took aim at ousted Rep. George Santos (R.N.Y.) after he left the House before expulsion votes concluded, calling him a “coward” for such actions. ” he called.

Pelosi said the historic 311-114-2 vote in favor of Santos was “heartbreaking” but “necessary.”

“This is not just a vote for us. It’s something you take very seriously, and he should have taken it seriously,” Pelosi told reporters after the vote, adding, “On this issue… I should have been a man,” he added.

“This is a very serious matter in protecting and respecting the dignity of the House of Commons,” she continued. “He didn’t do that, and he didn’t do it today…he didn’t even show up, because he’s a coward.”

Friday’s historic vote follows two previous failed attempts to remove the former New York congressman, who has come under fire for a series of ethics violations, including fraud and campaign finance crimes. Ta. Just a few weeks ago, the House Ethics Committee released a damning report alleging “substantial evidence” of criminal wrongdoing.

Santos is the sixth lawmaker to be expelled from the House of Representatives and has maintained his innocence. He recently announced that although he does not seek re-election, he will not voluntarily end his term in Congress prematurely.

“If I leave, they win,” Santos said Thursday. “If I quit, bullying will happen. This is bullying.”

Pelosi praised her colleagues for their bipartisan vote.

“This was a very bipartisan vote,” Pelosi said, adding, “We were united in respecting the dignity of the House.”

“This is sad. It’s heartbreaking and I don’t see it as partisan,” she continued. “The truth is, I’m also one of those people who is reluctant to move on unless there’s really solid evidence. And this was obvious.”

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