Pennsylvania Gov. dismisses Stephen Miller’s automatic voter registration flak: ‘That guy’s a dope’

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro (D) dismissed former Trump adviser Stephen Miller’s recent criticism of the Keystone State’s automatic voter registration system, calling Miller an “idiot.”

when Asked On CNN’s “This Morning” Post from mirror“Look, I’m not going to answer to Stephen Miller,” said Shapiro, who argued that the new system would not check citizenship.

“That man is an idiot who cannot tell the truth,” he added.

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow told Shapiro that she was not asking about Miller, but rather about the “content” of his posts.

“Well, he hasn’t raised any substance,” Shapiro said. “Here’s what it actually says: When you go to get a driver’s license, when you go to renew a driver’s license, you need to bring your identification documents with you in order to secure your driver’s license. It’s the same document you need to get a driver’s license.” You can register to vote. ”

Shapiro announced Tuesday that Pennsylvania will begin automatically enrolling voters in the registration system when they renew or receive a new identification card (ID) or driver’s license.

Under the previous system, voters had to personally opt into the process to become registered voters within the state. Those who do not wish to register to vote can still opt out of this process.

Mr. Shapiro defended the new system as “good for democracy” and an “important way” to expand voter participation.

“It goes through our DMV process, and that process includes safeguards to ensure that people who are already registered to vote are eligible to vote,” Shapiro said.

“If you choose not to register to vote or want to opt out, that’s totally fine. But we believe we need to make it easier for voters to participate in our democracy,” he added.

Pennsylvania’s governor also took a hard look at a series of allegations of election fraud that surfaced after the 2020 election.

“I went to court more than 40 times to defeat Stephen Miller and others who tried to thwart the will of Pennsylvanians who made up all sorts of ridiculous claims after the 2020 election,” Shapiro said in a statement. ” he said. “And I won every time in court, defending the will of the people here in Pennsylvania and defending their right to vote.”

I’m 24 nowth States that use automatic voter registration. And as one of the few swing states in the nation, Pennsylvania has often played a major role in determining the outcome of presidential elections.

Former President Trump won the state in 2016, but lost to President Biden in 2020. As Shapiro noted, automated voting systems are often seen as a way to increase turnout in states with narrow voter turnouts.

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