Pentagon intel breach brings fresh scrutiny over clearances

Authorities arrested Teixeira on Thursday following a series of reports identifying him as the leader of a group on gamer site Discord. Important Information About Enemies Ally posted in recent months before spilling over to other social media sites.

Serving in the Massachusetts Air National Guard’s 102nd Intelligence Division, Teixeira was a technical support staffer, held a relatively low-ranking position, but had access to the Department of Defense’s Joint World Communications System (JWICS). I was. intelligence clearing house.

Dozens of information that seems to have been obtained from the database, Share with 20-30 members of online groups.

Pentagon started Distribution list screeningbut this episode renewed the debate about how intelligence agencies share information and distribute clearances.

“We have a system of giving people access based on the level of classification provided, and they can see things they probably don’t need to know. And there are a lot of people who don’t take it too seriously,” he said. David Schenkera former senior State and Defense Department official under the Trump and George W. Bush administrations.

almost 3 million Americans About 1.2 million people have access to sensitive information, while they have security clearances. considered top secret.

For Teixeira, started by summarizing Intelligence reports to his friends on the Internet escalated to printing and photographing classified information, including one labeled “NOFORN” indicating that it should not be shared with foreigners.

Printing, photographing and sharing confidential information is a crime, but Teixeira was arraigned on Friday Charges Including Violation of the Espionage Law — Many people were surprised at how easy it was and how successful it was Not detected for a long time.

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