Philadelphia Phillies Break Record During World Series Win. Should We Just Give Them The Rings Right Now?

Maybe it is always sunny in Philadelphia.

We went from literal rain postponing the game Oct. 31, to home runs being rained down Nov. 1 to give the Philadelphia Phillies a 2-1 lead in the World Series. Game 3 featured five home runs from the Phillies, making Philadelphia only the fourth team in the entire history of Major League Baseball to hit five dingers in the Fall Classic, which has them tied for the record for the most hit in a single World Series game, according to Stathead.

Not just that, but those five bombs are the most to ever happen in the first five innings of a contest in the World Series, according to ESPN, which gives the Philadelphia Phillies that record by themselves. The swag is unreal with this team.

Bryce Harper — how can you not love this guy? — got us started with a two-run bomb in the very first inning to give the Phillies a 2-0 lead right off of the bat (literally), and they never looked back from there. On top of that, it was Harper’s sixth home run of the playoffs, according to ESPN, marking an incredible postseason for Mr. 13 years/$330 million. The man is certainly earning that money now, and is about to have a ring to go with that mammoth salary.

In the second inning, the Phils gave us two more bombers, brought to you by Alec Bohm and Brandon Marsh, with both being solo shots.

When we got to the fifth inning, both Kyle Schwarber and Rhys Hoskins would join the party, with Schwarber knocking out a two-run blast and Hoskins hitting a solo.

On the other side of things with the Houston Astros, all five home runs would be charged to Lance McCullers Jr., making him the first pitcher EVER not just to allow that many dingers in a World Series game, but a postseason game, period, according to Stathead.

And that leads us to the whole mid-game tipping speculation:

Then, we had this, which only added fuel to the fire:

Which would eventually lead to (maybe) some clarity from the legendary Buster Olney.

Was McCullers tipping? Who the hell knows. It looks like he might’ve been, but you can easily understand the argument that he was just atrocious in game 3, which he definitely was. But it wouldn’t be the most shocking thing in the world if we found out he was actually tipping — which we’ll never find out, by the way. (RELATED: Houston Astros Pitcher Justin Verlander Flips Off Crowd Of Phillies Fans)

Only two things are for sure in this entire scenario. One: we might as well just go ahead and give the Philadelphia Phillies the rings now for this incredibly entertaining run they’re giving us. Two: Dave Waddell is still a legend, and should be considered largely responsible for this victory and for their World Series championship.

God bless Philadelphia!

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