Photos reveal inside of Nashville shooter Audrey Hale’s house

Photos obtained by The Post offer an exclusive glimpse into the house where the Nashville school shooter lived and stockpiled guns. This includes the gun used to murder his three children and his three adults on Monday.

The image shows a typical family home with red tulips blooming in the front yard, school portraits on the credenza, wind chimes with a cascade of crosses hanging in the windows, and a child’s bicycle leaning against the outside wall. I’m here.

But police say the brick Tudor-style house is where the shooter, identified as Audrey Hale, hid seven guns from her parents, the owners of the house.

Hale brought three deadly weapons (two assault rifles and a handgun) into the Covenant school and shot dead three nine-year-olds, the school’s superintendent, a substitute teacher, and the principal.

Hale, 28, who was transgender, was shot dead by police on the second floor of a Christian academy after a rampage.

Investigators raided the Nashville home where Hale lived with his parents and found a stockpile of guns purchased legally from a local store, Metro Nashville Police said.

Hale’s parents told police they thought their adult child only had one gun, and believed she sold it.

“Her parents felt she shouldn’t own a weapon… when they sold her the one weapon she no longer owned, they gave the impression that she no longer owned it. I got it,” said Nashville Metropolitan Police Chief John Drake.

“After all, she hid some weapons in the house.”

School shooter Audrey Hale lived at home with her parents.
New York Post Ben Hendren

Audrey Hale House
Hale’s parents told investigators they knew of only one gun and believed the child sold it.
houston corfield

According to neighbors, Hale’s mother, Norma Hale, was a devout Christian who posted on social media about the need to “keep guns out of school.”

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Police also recovered a manifesto written by Hale at his home and a detailed map of the Covenant school where the shooter was once a student.

A neighbor told the Post that police had broken down the front door of the house and used a “flash grenade” to storm the house before the raid.

A cross wind chime hanging in Audrey Hale's Nashville home.
Neighbors said Hale’s mother was religious.
New York Post Ben Hendren

Happy Father's Day coat hanger in Audrey Hale's Nashville home.
Hale shot dead three nine-year-olds in addition to three school workers.
New York Post Ben Hendren

Images taken by Post photographers show shattered glass on the lawn, so the front door and rear window are planked with wood.

Police have not released a motive for the shooting, but they believe the school was targeted because Hale was a student there many years ago.

Asked if Hale, who is transgender, may have contributed to the massacre, Drake said it was under investigation.

It’s unclear if Hale is male or female — officers used female pronouns to refer to her, but she used male pronouns and the name Aiden on several social media accounts. .

Audrey Hale House Police
Neighbors said police used flash grenades to raid their homes.

Audrey Hale House
Investigators found four guns in the house, in addition to the three found at the school shooting scene.

Audrey Hale House
Hale’s mother posted on social media about the need to keep guns out of school.
New York Post Ben Hendren

However, they did not believe Hale targeted her victims, instead shooting indiscriminately at anyone she encountered.

The victims were Evelyn Deekhouse, Harry Scruggs and William Kinney, guardian Mike Hill, 61, substitute teacher Cynthia Peake, 61, and principal Katherine Coons, 60. ) was identified as

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