Police Arrest Pennsylvania Teacher For Posing As 17-Year-Old To Get Sexual Videos From Teens

Police have arrested a Pennsylvania teacher on suspicion of pretending to be a minor online and seducing adolescents to submit sexual photos and videos.

Philadelphia high school English teacher Jeremy Chauvel is alleged to have impersonated a 17-year-old girl on fake social media profiles. His alleged targets were teenagers aged 16 to 18 from the local ABC affiliate WPVI. report Friday.

Authorities tracked two accounts on the social media network Yubo and tracked a phone number linked to Shovel, according to the report.

One of the accounts, known as ‘sophiavan423’, allegedly used a photo that appeared to show a teenage girl, the newspaper said. Authorities also accused Mr. Chauvel of using Snapchat to obtain photos and videos after communicating with teenage girls, according to WPVI.

Authorities visited Mr. Chauvel’s Philadelphia home on June 2 and obtained a search warrant alleging that he admitted to communicating with an underage girl, along with seducing photos and videos, WPVI reported.

Chauvel was suspended from Harriton High School in the Lower Merion School District (LMSD), and the school did not acknowledge “inappropriate interactions between Mr. Chauvel and LMSD students” in a statement, according to the newspaper. claimed not to.

“The school district has not received any complaints or concerns from students or staff regarding his conduct at school,” the statement continued. (Related: Police arrest 69-year-old teacher on suspicion of sexually assaulting four schoolgirls)

“People were pretty shocked,” Harriton student Jake Lesser told WPVI, adding that a teacher had been informed of the arrest after reading “scripted emails from LMSD.”

WPVI said counseling for Kharitonhas students and staff was made available following Mr. Shovel’s arrest.

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