Police stop robot from delivering food to UCLA anti-Israel encampment

Police easily thwarted an attempt by anti-Israel protesters at the University of California, Los Angeles on Thursday to use a robot courier to smuggle food into their tents.

Protesters at UCLA set up barricades and established a new encampment Thursday, leading to dozens of police officers arriving on campus.

The food delivery robot was seen coming to a halt in front of an area that had been cordoned off to prevent the encampment from spreading, when some mildly amused officers stopped it. According to a video from ABC7’s Josh Haskell:.

Shortly thereafter, more protesters descended on campus, attempting to break into the encampment and deliver supplies.

Many people broke through the police and security guards, Reportedly.

Police block robot delivering food to UCLA protesters. X/@abc7JoshHaskell
A new encampment was established on the UCLA campus on Thursday. X/@abc7JoshHaskell

Protesters used available materials, including tables, metal fencing, pieces of wood and other materials, to build a barricade between Kerkhoff Hall and Moore Hall, a major corridor on the Westwood campus.

As the encampment began to grow, campus security was deployed, and all entrances to the campus were closed, with no access to food, water, medicine or other supplies allowed in, as police attempted to contain the protests.

One faculty member said he was stopped when he tried to deliver bags of food to students, and that the lockdown order had come from the university’s Campus Safety Office.

“we believe [the students] “If they have a right to peacefully protest, even if it’s illegal, then surely there is a legal obligation and a human rights obligation to give them food and water,” she told ABC7.

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block testified at a House Education and Labor Committee hearing on pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses. Reuters

While UCLA police responded to the issue on campus, the Los Angeles Police Department put itself on a citywide tactical alert in preparation for any emergency as protesters continued to gather on campus, ABC7 reported.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, UCLA President Gene Block and other university leaders testified before Congress about allowing protests and camping on campus.

Anti-Defamation League In California School A “D” on the anti-Semitism report card.

On Tuesday, UCLA’s police chief was transferred following criticism over his response to recent campus demonstrations, which included pro-Israel protesters attacking protesters at an encampment.

On April 30, counter-demonstrators surrounded anti-Israel UCLA protesters, throwing traffic cones, firing pepper spray, and destroying barricades.

The fighting continued for hours into the night before police intervened.