‘Politicized bureaucracy’: House Republicans release 1,000-page report against FBI – whistleblowers claim agency is ‘rotted at its core’ with ‘rampant corruption, manipulation, and abuse’

On Friday, Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee released a damning 1,000-page report detailing alleged political bias within the FBI and the DOJ.

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan (Ohio) told Fox News on Friday morning, “America is not America if you have a Justice Department that treats people differently under the law. It’s supposed to be equal treatment under the law. That’s not happening. And we know it’s not happening because 14 brave FBI agents came to us as whistleblowers and told us exactly what’s going on here.”

The report serves as a road map for future investigations into the law enforcement agency should Republicans win back the House in the upcoming midterm elections.

“Whistleblowers described the FBI’s Washington hierarchy as ‘rotted at its core,’ maintaining a ‘systemic culture of unaccountability,’ and full of ‘rampant corruption, manipulation, and abuse,'” the report stated.

Building on whistleblower claims, the report highlights how the FBI allegedly weaponized its law enforcement power against political opponents and parents who spoke out against far-left idealogy taught in public schools.

The report cited the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s home and another instance when the agency followed Republican Rep. Scott Perry (Penn.) on a family vacation to seize his personal cell phone.

House Republicans accused the FBI of displaying a political bias against conservatives by purging right-leaning employees from the agency, artificially inflating domestic violent extremism statistics, and aiding social media platforms in censoring conservative political speech online.

The damning report alleged that the FBI provided Hunter Biden “preferential treatment” by intentionally burying stories about his business dealings with foreign nationals.

GOP lawmakers also accused the Justice Department and the FBI of selectively neglecting to enforce the law against radical activists who repeatedly attacked pro-life clinics and churches. The report cited 69 separate attacks on pro-life facilities from May 3 to October 8, 2022.

“Equal justice under the law is a cornerstone of American rule of law,” the report stated. “By ‘purg[ing]’ its ranks of conservative employees, shaping big tech’s censorship of conservative viewpoints, and uneven law-enforcement actions and litigation targeted against conservative states, the FBI is failing to live up to this standard. In doing so, the FBI is carrying out the Biden Administration’s plan to suppress dissent to its woke, leftist agenda.”

Ranking member of the judiciary committee Jim Jordan posted on Twitter, “The Federal Bureau of Investigation, under the stewardship of Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, is broken.”

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