Pollster Breaks Down ‘Real Problem’ For 2024 Biden Campaign, Even As Republican Never Trumpers ‘Help’ Dem Ad Outreach

Pollster Matt Towery said Friday on Fox News that even though the Biden campaign is receiving “support” from “anti-Trump” Republicans running ads in key battleground states, Donald Trump He said the former president’s poll numbers remained unaffected.

Mr. Towry appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” and spoke about President Joe Biden’s record low polling numbers and the current concerns of many Democrats heading into the upcoming 2024 election. . Fox host Laura Ingraham highlighted President Trump’s overwhelming poll numbers so far and asked Towery if she thought Biden could “reverse” the numbers with “speeches” and “initiatives.” Asked.

Towry criticized the Biden campaign, saying he doesn’t believe they can flip the polls and that their “gimmicks” no longer work for the American people. (Related article: FOX reportedly cuts advertising rates in half for second Republican debate without Trump)

“No, I don’t think so. I mean, let’s look back at the old gimmicks of the past. As you know, Laura, they think that’s the message, and there’s something wrong with their policies. I don’t think so,” Towery said.

“Let’s go back to Jerry Ford with whip inflation. Remember the little button? The win button? What happened to that? It didn’t work, that sort of thing, the gimmick didn’t work, and now They got it down to a year, less than a year, and they can’t rely on gimmicks anymore. It’s a real problem for them. I don’t know what they’re doing, but I just know they’re being helped. I’ll tell you.”

Towry went on to explain that “Republican anti-Trump money” is helping Democrats push ads against Trump, allowing the Biden campaign to rely on Democratic support. (Related: Left-wing groups spend millions to block Virginia’s Republican majority)

“Many viewers don’t know this, but in many of the key caucus and primary states, Republican anti-Trump funds are running ads every day that do nothing but eviscerate Trump. It hasn’t affected the numbers,” Towery said.

“They’re getting aid from the other side. And I think that’s something that the Biden campaign will partially rely on as we get into November.”

Biden’s approval rating has reached an all-time high lowAccording to an October Gallup poll, the president’s approval rating stands at just 37%. The president also successor Trump is supported by major polls in many battleground states, and the numbers show he currently leads among all voters.

Ads featuring prominent Republican figures such as billionaire Charles Koch and anti-Trump Lincoln Project co-founder Reid Gehlen trying to persuade voters in early voting states to change their minds about the former president. It is reported that he has poured money into Reuters. Galen’s group wants to spend about $50 million supporting Biden, arguing that Trump poses an “existential” threat to American democracy.



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