Pope Francis Signs Declaration Affirming ‘Global Climate Crisis’

ROME – Pope Francis has signed an interreligious statement asserting that humanity faces a “global climate crisis” that calls for the phase-out of fossil fuels.

Religions in Abu Dhabi statement COP28 expresses the signatories’ “shared concern about the growing climate impacts that endanger our precious planet and our shared determination to jointly address this global crisis.”

“Our faith instills in us a sacred duty to care not only for the human family but also for the fragile ecosystems that sway us,” the text reads.

The Pope endorsed the COP28 Abu Dhabi Interreligious Statement, which “recognizes the essential right of ecosystems, including waters, seas and oceans, to exist, thrive and thrive” as a result of the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Dubai. signed.

Activists arrive in St. Peter’s Square ahead of Pope Francis’ Sunday Angelus prayer at the Vatican on June 28, 2015, with banners calling for action against global poverty, climate change and other environmental issues. . (Gabriel Boys/AFP/Getty Images)

Curiously, this interreligious document makes no mention of God, Jesus, the Creator, or Divinity, but instead repeatedly refers to “Mother Earth” and refers to it as “a life force that must be protected.” It is called the source of

As a call to action, the document’s signatories urge businesses and policymakers to “adopt a rapid and just transition away from fossil fuels and embrace clean energy sources that nourish our planet and protect its inhabitants unconditionally.” I promise to encourage you.

The signatories also urge governments and stakeholders to “recognize the inextricable link between anthropogenic crises impacting the climate and biodiversity, and adopt comprehensive actions that harmonize the recovery of both systems. ”I agree with the appeal.

In Kumbaya’s special moment, the signatories acknowledge the collective obligation to “herald a dance of balance and harmony, seeking equilibrium within us and with the natural world that surrounds us.”

“We support the rights of indigenous peoples and defend the wisdom of our ancestors as they are linked to the well-being of our planet,” the text adds.



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