Powerful Video ‘He Saves Us’ Shows How Jesus Christ Still Changes Hearts and Lives

One video makes very clear how the power of Jesus Christ can and does change hearts, minds, and lives even today.

This lost, broken world is full of people hurting, struggling, and just trying to survive. Many people are in desperate situations with no end in sight. There is no end in sight to their struggles, hurt, and heartache.

But thankfully there is someone who can provide the healing and comfort that so many of us so desperately desire and desire. Jesus Christ has a message of love and hope that can change hearts and lives. God can bring peace that passes all understanding.

Video posted to YouTube This book brings together a diverse group of people who demonstrate that Jesus Christ can perform life-changing miracles and save people even today. This ad uses black and white imagery to briefly tell the few stories of a few people who were lost and living in sin, but found Jesus Christ and changed their ways.

Among the people included in the one-minute clip are a former witch, someone who worked closely with prominent atheist Richard Dawkins, a former KKK member, a former drug addict, a former lesbian activist, and a former abolitionist. This includes activists. But since they found Jesus Christ and entrusted their lives to Him, they have changed their lives.

The people in the ad are people most people, including many Christians, would abandon once they have passed the point of no return. But praise God, it never went this far for Jesus Christ. His love and forgiveness have no limits or restrictions.

The ad ends by saying that God doesn’t just “get us,” he saves us and transforms us.

Christ willingly went to the cross, shed blood, and died for everyone, even the worst sinners. The power of Jesus Christ continues to save and transform lives. This ad is a great example of the transforming nature of Christ’s love and forgiveness.

1 Timothy 1:15-16 “It is a true statement that everyone can believe, that Christ Jesus came into the world to give salvation to sinners, and I am the first among them. Jesus Christ, the head of sinners, may reveal all his mercies as an example to those who will believe in him and have eternal life. yeah.”

Photo credit: “The Christian Super Bowl ad they should have made | He Will Save Us/Jamie Bambrick (via YouTube)
Originally published by GodTube. Used with permission.



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