PR Team Reportedly Cut Off Interview After Kelsey Grammer Weighed In On Trump 2024

Kelsey Grammer admits she’s still a supporter of former President Donald Trump — and it turned out to be the quickest way to end an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC].

The famous actor was interviewed by the BBC, and the moment it became clear that he remained a supporter of Trump, Paramount and its publicists abruptly ended the interview. according to Until the deadline.

The interview began with a discussion of details surrounding her sister’s murder and her friendship with co-star Nicholas Lyndhurst. In discussing his career, Grammer pointed to Roseanne Barr as an influence on the recent relaunch of his legendary show “Frasier,” the paper noted.

Interviewer Justin Webb then quickly pointed out that Barr is a Trump supporter, and the conversation took a turn.

Mr. Webb asked if Mr. Grammer still supported Mr. Trump, but that answer quickly ended the discussion.

“Yes, I’ll leave it at that,” Grammer said with a laugh at the direction of the conversation.

That’s how the recording ended.

“In fact, I have to say that Kelsey Grammer herself was happy to keep talking about it,” Webb said.

“Paramount+’s publicist wasn’t very happy that he talked about this at some length,” he said, suggesting he wasn’t given permission to broadcast the full interview.

“But I want to emphasize that he was absolutely willing to talk about why he supports Donald Trump and why he will support him in the next election,” Webb said. (Related: Waka Flocka Frame Endorses Trump)

Grammer supported Trump in 2016 and 2020, Deadline reported.



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