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Pride Month has officially kicked off, and companies are wasting no time in promoting their virtues through LGBTQ-themed commercials and products.

Enough with Glenn Beck – and we know why they really do.

He says they not only reflect their culture and values, but rather are “held hostage by extremists and Wall Street” who want ESG scores.

“I don’t care who you love, I don’t care who you sleep with. I’d rather not ask anyone for details,” he added.

Glenn is playing a new Converse ad that says members of the LGBTQ community and transgender people are “loud and proud.”

Although the percentage of transgender people in our country is very small, you might think that 90% of people in this country are transgender, says Glenn.

“It’s a little overkill,” he added.

The North Face, like Converse, has featured a transgender-identified person in its latest Pride Month campaign, which Glenn believes is an insult to gays.

“If I were gay, I would feel like the place was making fun of me,” he continues. “Isn’t that offensive to homosexuals? Because it sounds like a parody.”

But they are not the only ones.

Microsoft and Ford join top LGBTQ+ brands like Bud Light and Target.

Microsoft ads featured creators from the LGBTQ community.

“If Microsoft was telling your story, my story, people who love this country, people who love God, I have no problem. This is what you want to do, that’s fine, problem. No. But why sacrifice everything else?” Glenn asks.Glen Ranks Pride Month’s Worst LGBTQ Commercials and Worst LGBTQ Commercials

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