Prince Constantin Dies ‘Unexpectedly’ Age 51, Says Royal House

Prince Konstantin, the gentle Prince of Liechtenstein, passed away “suddenly” this week at the age of 51, the European nation's princely family announced.

A statement this week from Liechtenstein-Furstenhaus revealed the death of His Royal Highness Prince Konstantin of Liechtenstein. Constantine, the youngest son of Hans Adam II, the current ruler of Liechtenstein, was seventh in line to the throne.

The cause of death was not disclosed, but the family said the 51-year-old European royal and businessman's death was “unexpected.”radio liechtenstein report Konstantin studied law in Germany in the 1990s and was a member of the Austrian Council for Sustainable Development.

Liechtenstein is currently in a two-day period of national mourning, with residents asked to fly their national flags at half-mast or with mourning ribbons.

In a statement, the business unit of the Duke of Liechtenstein, of which Constantine was a director, said his death was a “terrible shock for all who knew him” and that it was deeply saddened. . “Our thoughts and prayers are with his widow, Princess Marie von und z Liechtenstein, and their children Moritz, Georgina and Benedict,” they said.

At just 62 square miles, Liechtenstein is one of the world's smallest countries, one of its richest, and one of the few small European states to survive the wars of unification in the 19th century and retain its theoretical independence. This is one of the. Liechtenstein does not have its own military and shares a common economic and monetary zone with neighboring Switzerland, making it a de facto guarantor of neutrality.



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