Prince Harry arrives at court to testify in landmark phone-hacking case

Prince Harry arrives at the High Court in London ahead of his showdown with Britain’s Daily Mirror Tuesday.

The Duke of Sussex will testify against a British tabloid newspaper, accusing its staff of phone hacking and other unlawful reporting.

The exiled royal was spotted getting out of a black SUV. He arrived without his wife Meghan Markle.

Dressed in a navy suit over a white shirt, Prince Harry looked relaxed as he greeted reporters waiting outside with a “good morning” and smiled as he entered the building.

The father of two told Miller Group Newspaper (MGN) that its reporters obtained information through unethical methods, as well as private investigative and phone-hacking tactics. and filed a lawsuit seeking damages.

Prince Harry is scheduled to testify around 10:30 a.m. local time, which will be his first court appearance in 130 years.

The 38-year-old son of Charles III will be cross-examined by lawyers from Miller Group Newspapers.

Prince Harry arrives at the High Court in London on June 6, 2023.

He will spend a full day in the witness box on Tuesday and at least half a day on Wednesday.

The prince’s historic appearance came just one day after he decided not to attend the first day of the trial on Monday.

Prince Harry’s attorney, David Sherborne, told the court on Monday that the relationship between Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, had been “distrusted” at the hands of The Mirror Publishers.

The lawsuit against Miller Group is the first of multiple lawsuits filed by Prince Harry against the media to go to court, with three tabloid publishers alleging that they illegally spied on Prince Harry. It is one of our companies.

The Mirror Group claimed to have used documents, official statements and sources to legally report on the royal family.

Despite his client’s absence on Monday, Sherborne told Judge Timothy Fancourt that Prince Harry flew from his home in Los Angeles late Sunday after attending daughter Lilibet’s second birthday. said he was unable to appear in court on Monday.

“His travel and security arrangements are getting a little tricky,” Sherborne told the judge.

“I’m a little surprised,” Fancourt said, noting that he had instructed Harry to appear in court on the first day of the long-awaited trial.

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