Pro-Israel Demonstrators Abandoned by a Bus Company — Again

A group of pro-Israel protesters were stranded in Toronto, Canada, after their bus company abandoned them without warning. It was the second such incident after a group of pro-Israel protesters from Detroit were left marooned at the Washington, D.C., airport. Month.

The demonstrators (17 out of 70 total buses) had intended to participate in a large pro-Israel protest in front of the Canadian Parliament building in Ottawa. Videos and photos of the event show a large and enthusiastic crowd despite the snow and cold in the capital.

But a repeat of last month’s “malicious walk-off” by Washington bus drivers prevented Jewish demonstrators from proceeding to a pro-Israel protest on the National Mall, leaving them stranded at Dulles Airport and forcing several The bus was left behind. behind.

The UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, an umbrella group for community leaders, said in a press statement: blamed Anti-Semitism about this incident:

I was shocked that out of over 70 buses booked by UJA, 17 did not show up. These 17 buses were handled by a specific subcontractor. Despite charging the full amount in advance and confirming their participation, the company did not dispatch any buses, refused to provide any explanation, and refused to make any contact.

Given the complete silence of the subcontractors and the lack of any other explanation, the view is that this shameful decision is aimed at disrupting our peaceful assembly out of hatred for Jews. we are driven. Just last month, we witnessed a similar situation occur when anti-Semitic activists refused to remove Jewish Americans from a rally in Washington, D.C.

What happened today is upsetting and outrageous. We will respond aggressively, using all legal and public relations tools at our disposal. UJA is already working with its lawyers and plans to take strong and decisive action against this company. Hatred and discrimination against any community will never be tolerated in Canada.

UJA has made alternative travel arrangements to allow as many stranded protesters as possible to continue to Ottawa.

Joel B. Pollack is a senior editor at Breitbart News. Breitbart News Sunday Sunday nights from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM ET (4:00 PM to 7:00 PM PT) on Sirius XM Patriot. He is the author of a new biography, Rhoda: “Comrade Cadderly, you are abnormal.”. He is also the author of a recently published e-book. Neither Free nor Fair: The 2020 US Presidential Election. He is the recipient of the 2018 Robert Novak Journalism Alumni Fellowship. Follow him on Twitter @joelpolak.



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