Problem We’ve Had for ‘Two Years’ Is ‘Getting Worse’ and We’re Getting ‘Nothing’ from Feds

On Friday’s NBC’s “Top Stories,” Maverick County, Texas, Sheriff Tom Schmerber said the problems along the Eagle Pass, Texas border “have been going on for two years and are getting worse.” . And they’re getting “nothing” from the federal government, with the only aid coming from the state of Texas and its governor, Greg Abbott (R).

Schmerber said, “I never expected to see all kinds of immigrants coming here, from so many countries, in Eagle Pass. And by the same token, they’re not afraid. They just line up. They walked side by side, they crossed the river, they walked in single file, and they were just being processed by police officers, immigration agents, police officers.”

He added, “The waves are going to get even higher, so I’m worried.”

Host Tom Lamas then said, “Secretary Mayorkas is going to McAllen, Texas, with the President of Honduras. Does it bother you that they won’t be here in Eagle Pass?”

Mr. Schmerber replied: “Well, because we’re here, this problem has been around for two years, and it’s getting worse. I’ve never seen them come here to Eagle Pass. I know the Vice President went to El Paso a long time ago, but they’ve never been here. This is their place. is–“

Then the llamas intervened and asked: “What more do we need?” Because yesterday, Rep. Tony Gonzalez (R-Texas) said Eagle Pass receives no federal funding. The Biden administration disputed this. Are you receiving federal aid? ”

Mr. Schmelber replied: The only help we can get is from the state, the governor. Of course, he helped us with grants. And with that money, he hired several more deputies and the necessary equipment. And this month his second subsidy will come out, so he can get more equipment and soldiers. ”

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