Professor said she’d be ‘tempted to shoot up’ dance parties like Hamas

A professor at a private university has resigned, saying he would be “tempted to shoot up” a dance party like Hamas terrorists did on October 7. She then whined that she became a victim because her school officials, who sensed her fear, did not defend her.

Wake Forest University professor Laura Mullen posted a social media post that was deleted days after Hamas’s surprise attack killed about 1,200 people, including hundreds at the Supernova music festival. caused anger.

“So, that’s kind of obvious, but if you kick me out of my house, plow my olive groves, and lock up what’s left of my family in a small, impoverished state that you run as an open-air prison, You might want to shoot ’em up the dance party, even though you know it’ll scorch the earth,” she wrote. According to the Winston-Salem Journal.

The post sparked widespread condemnation and angry letters from parents calling for the professor, who was also the Kennan Professor in the Humanities Department of English and Creative Writing, to be fired.

“In response to her hateful words, students and parents alike expressed concern for their safety,” the University of North Carolina Chabad Chapter said in a statement.

Wake Forest University professor Laura Mullen resigned after receiving threats over her posts on X.
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“As a Jewish student, we are alarmed and appalled by her willingness to make fun of the Supernova music festival massacre, which killed over 250 Israeli civilians,” the student committee said in a statement.

“Her threatening language promotes anti-Semitic sentiments, which is a threat to Wake Forest students and has no place in our school.”

The university told the Journal it was “affirmative.”[s] “The individual’s right to freedom of expression” and “The comments posted caused significant anxiety and fear among members of the community.”

“Let me be clear: Statements that degrade the value and dignity of human life or condone the use of violence are contrary to the values ​​inherent in Wake Forest University’s pro-humanitarian ethos. ” the university said.

Mullen ultimately resigned, citing “personal reasons,” but made it clear that she felt victimized because the school refused to stand by her.

she He complained to the student newspaper “Wake Report.”the university’s statement said, “It’s like watching an animal movie and quarantining one gazelle, only to end up eating that one.

“They kind of threw me into the wolves,” she complained.

Mullen said the first post was “raw, direct; [and] It is poetic in that it contains images. ”

“You might want to shoot up a dance party,” Mullen posted days after Hamas terrorists attacked Israel.
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Explaining her post, Maren said: “When 9/11 happened, I was asking myself and others, ‘What would we have done to make people want to come and do that to us?'” That’s how my mind works.

“I don’t believe there is a clear line between victim and perpetrator. Terrorism is born out of a vacuum,” she said, according to the newspaper. “That doesn’t mean we condone terrorism.

“I care deeply about what happens to innocent people around the world. My tweets reflect my understanding of history and the consequences of oppression.”

She also claimed that she had not received any personal backlash from students, and the mother of a Muslim student even offered to “provide whatever support was needed.”

Wake Forest University officials said the post “has caused significant anxiety and fear among members of our community.”
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“I have never had a student come up to me and say, ‘You increased my fears and anxieties,'” she told the report, noting that the school emphasized those fears. This is in contrast to there.

The Chabad chapter also claimed that the posts by a “professor in a position of authority and influence” made “Jewish students afraid to attend her classes.”

“Any of us could have been one of those participants, and many of us have relatives and friends who have been endangered or killed in Israel in recent weeks,” the student body said. spoke of the massacre.